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Tenali spices – Logo design

About Tenali Spices

Tenali Spices stands as an age-old, esteemed establishment renowned for its assortment of pickles and snacks hailing from Andhra, South India. Our legacy spans generations, dedicated to crafting pickles and spices of unparalleled quality. Embracing the essence of tradition, our products are created using only natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives or chemicals. Experience the purity and authenticity in every bite.

Services Delivered

We transformed client’s traditional business to match their vision of modernization by rebranding their entire product look and statement. This involves changes in design, packaging, and the creation of a new logo that encapsulates both the essence of the business and key details about their products. New logo explains the business in a snapshot and also the core ingredients used in their spices and pickles.

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