Side Project

Mastering Side Projects

Side projects have proven invaluable for several reasons:

  • Continuous Learning: Side projects serve as a playground for exploring new technologies, fields, or skills.
  • Product Creation: The fulfillment of building something tangible and showcasing it to others.

  • Refreshing Change: An opportunity to break out of the routine and engage in something different from the day job.

Principles for Effective Side Project Management:

  • Define Learning Objectives:
    • Identify what you want to learn or practice with the project.
    • Focus on one primary goal, which will guide decision-making throughout.
  • Build Something You’d Use:
    • Choose a project aligned with your interests and needs.
    • Passion for the project keeps you motivated during inevitable challenges.
  • Balanced Challenge Level:
    • Aim for a project that challenges you but remains achievable.
    • Follow the Goldilocks Rule: not too hard, not too easy.
  • Plan with Small Checkpoints:
    • Create a detailed roadmap with small, achievable checkpoints.
    • Facilitates focus and eases the transition in and out of project context.
  • Make It a Consistent Habit:
    • Establish a regular schedule to work on the project.
    • Consistency over time is more beneficial than sporadic, intensive sessions.
  • Avoid Perfectionism:
    • Prioritize completing tasks over perfection.
    • “Done is better than perfect” to maintain progress and a sense of accomplishment.


Sustaining Excitement Over Time:

  • Consistency is Key: Regular, shorter sessions over weeks are more effective than sporadic marathons.
  • Establish a Routine: Set a specific time and space for working on the project to enter a focused work mode easily.
  • Guard Against Missed Sessions: Missing even one session can lead to a prolonged lapse; strive for continuous engagement.


Side projects offer a unique avenue for skill acquisition and experience beyond routine job tasks. Maintaining the initial excitement is crucial, and by following these principles, you can maximize your productivity and learning while crafting meaningful projects. I hope these insights inspire you to embark on fulfilling side projects and continual learning.

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