Side Project

Generating Side Project Ideas

Discovering compelling side project ideas can be a creative process. Here are various approaches to spark inspiration:

Reflect on Your Day-to-Day:

  • Start by examining your daily routine. Record detailed observations of your activities, noting areas that could be enhanced. Whether it’s a significant improvement, like optimizing task prioritization, or a minor one, such as choosing transportation to work, your experiences can be a goldmine for project ideas.

Consult Your Friends:

  • Extend the reflection exercise to your friends. Discuss their daily experiences and identify frustrations or pain points that might be alleviated. Sometimes, collective brainstorming with others can unveil unique project possibilities.

Explore Emerging Platforms:

  • Stay attuned to emerging platforms that pique your interest. Investigate their APIs and developer documentation to discover innovative ways to create within those platforms. Whether it’s Google Home, Alexa, or Facebook Messenger, evolving platforms offer new and exciting opportunities.

Peruse Product Hunt:

  • Product Hunt is a valuable resource for discovering new ideas. Browse through the latest products, as ideas often build upon one another. Observing the evolution of products on platforms like Kickstarter and Show HN can also inspire fresh concepts.

Navigate GitHub:

  • Even if you’re not a programmer, GitHub can be a wellspring of inspiration. Explore trending repositories for novel ideas or projects to collaborate on. The diverse range of projects on GitHub can serve as a catalyst for your own creative thinking.


Transform a Feature into a Standalone Product:

  • Analyze your favorite apps, websites, or products and identify standout features. Consider repurposing and enhancing one of these features to create a standalone product. For instance, if you admire Medium’s inline comment presentation, explore the possibility of incorporating a similar feature into other platforms.

Participate in Hackathons:

  • Attend hackathons, purpose-built events for side projects. These gatherings provide a dynamic environment to share and develop ideas with like-minded creators. The collaborative spirit can be a catalyst for novel project concepts.

Stay Informed Online:

  • Serendipitous ideas often arise from staying informed about the world. Regularly read news articles and blog posts to stay abreast of developments and changes. Exposure to diverse narratives can significantly enhance the likelihood of stumbling upon innovative ideas.

Remember, the process of ideation is unique to each individual, and inspiration can strike from unexpected sources. Use a combination of these methods to nurture your creativity and uncover side project ideas that resonate with your interests and goals.

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