Side Project

Future of cities: Smart City

About Smart City 

Introducing the urban revolution at your fingertips – the Smart City App! Elevate your urban experience with a cutting-edge digital companion that seamlessly integrates with the pulse of the city. From intelligent navigation to real-time updates, this app is your passport to a future-forward metropolis.

Services Delivered

Client came to us with a vision, but they weren’t sure how to make it happen. We worked closely with them to create a roadmap for the product. With the roadmap, we optimized a timeline for MVP, agreed on the features and monetization strategy. And then we quickly started with the logo design. Screen designs followed the brand identity we agreed on. Some of the features we build for this project:

  • ID verification through biometric and national id.
  • News module to access city news.
  • Parking module to track and book available parking slots in the city.
  • Transport module to get live public transport data.
  • Tourism module to show touristic spots in and around the city.
  • Events module to notify events happening.
  • Complaints module to raise any complaints to the governing body.
  • Bill payments module to pay taxes.


Technology Used

  1. React Native
  2. Node js
  3. AWS
  4. MongoDB


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Future of cities: Smart City


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